Using Analytics to Drive Your Agile Testing Strategy Forward [Webinar Recap]

We had over 700 people register for our most recent webinar, Using Analytics to Drive Your Agile Testing Strategy Forward. Clearly, there is going to be a push for tracking and measuring your software testing analytics in 2017.

Big thanks to everyone who attended — and as always if you have a specific topic you would like us to cover please tweet us at @QASymphony or email

In this webinar, Jonathan Alexander, CTO of QASymphony shares analytics that Agile development and testing teams can use to improve quality and efficiency. Including:

  • Testing and quality metrics specifically useful to agile teams
  • Analytics to improve quality and testing efficiency
  • Processes to make test teams more agile

Data presented in this webinar comes from the QASymphony Labs, where the analytics team works with anonymized data gathered from hundreds of development organizations to find meaningful and useful testing metrics. Learn more about QASymphony labs here.

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Key Takeaways to Using Analytics

  • Use Analytics to Improve: Test coverage, forecasting, efficiency, resources, test case quality, productivity
  • Optimize Test Cases
    • Start to think of test cases like source code
    • Track manual and automated test cases
    • Track analytics that will help you optimize your test case library
  • How to Do this Yourself
    • Setup a Test Analytics Reporting Server
    • Identify team members that will Work on Test Analytics
    • Start with Requirements, Test Results, and Defects data
    • Start with Quality analytics, then add Coverage, then Velocity
    • Add More Detail and More Data Sources Over Time

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