The Top 7 Sessions to Attend at Atlassian Summit 2017

Atlassian Summit 2017 is rapidly approaching and we’re more excited than ever to be a part of it. If your organization uses Atlassian products like JIRA, Trello or Bitbucket, Summit is a must-attend event for product training, networking with peers and learning about partner tools that integrate with Atlassian products to enhance functionality or add new capabilities.

This year, QASymphony is a platinum Atlassian Summit sponsor (see everything we have planned here) and we look forward to seeing new and familiar faces at our booth, speaking session or happy hour event.

There will be many sessions (you can view the full list here), but we we’d like to introduce the top seven that we’re most excited about as you begin your planning:

1. Continuously Integrating Distributed Code at Netflix

Ed Bukoski — Senior Software Engineer, Developer Productivity, Netflix
Mike McGarr — Engineering Manager, Developer Productivity, Netflix
Thursday, September 14, 11:30 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.

Three years ago Netflix migrated all of its source code to Git for version control. This change furthered the independence of our engineering teams enabling them to manage, build, test and deploy with little friction. But the more distributed our source code becomes, the harder it can be to assess the impact of a change or understand the state of the world. Making a simple change to a shared library could have impact to dozens of critical services so the more feedback engineers can gain, the better. But how do you run an expensive operation against every single git repository within your organization?

In this talk, Mike McGarr (Engineering Manager, Developer Productivity) and Ed Bukoski (Senior Software Engineer, Developer Productivity) will share the story of Niagara, a service built to test code changes across all potentially impacted Git repositories at Netflix. We will also share our approach to scaling up Atlassian Bitbucket to handle Niagara’s significant demands.

2. Next-Level Incident Management: Culture Matters When Things Break

Patrick Hill — Engineering Team Lead, Atlassian
Thursday, September 14, 1:45 – 2:23 p.m.

Ever had an incident that didn’t go as planned? The culture amongst Ops, DevOps and SRE teams is critical to ensuring that your team is effective when things break. We’ve taken our years of collective experience and converted them into 5 easy to understand values that help teams move away from a hero-driven culture to a team based culture. Learn how to guide autonomous decisions and create a consistent culture between teams that you can easily apply and share with others.

3. Building Better Collaboration Between Development and Testing in a DevOps World

Kevin Dunne — Senior Vice President, Global Channels, QASymphony
Wednesday, September 13, 12:00 – 12:15 p.m.

In the past, developers and testers worked in silos, each doing their respective jobs at their own pace. But today as software is getting released at an increasingly rapid pace. The shift to DevOps has put pressure on the dev team to hit their release date and the testing team to ensure software goes out without critical bugs. In this session, leaders from QASymphony will discuss how leading organizations are transforming their approach to development and testing using methods like BDD.

4. With Great Automation Comes Great Responsibility

Peter Van de Voorde — Developer Relations, Atlassian
Thursday, September 14, 3:15 – 3:30 p.m.

You want to help your team by automating business workflows, but how do you know when and where to use automation? How can you unleash the full potential of automation using scripts and apps? And what are some pitfalls you need to be aware of?

In this talk, Peter Van de Voorde of Atlassian will walk you through what automation with scripts and apps entails, when you should use it, and what to watch out for. So you can use automation to unleash the potential of your team.

5. Modernizing Development – The Road to Agility and DevOps at Compuware

David Rizzo — Vice President of Product Development, Compuware Corporation
Wednesday, September 13, 4:50 – 5:30 p.m.

Transforming a development organization from waterfall to agile is a big undertaking. Even larger when it’s a 40-year-old mainframe development organization. Having the vision for the future and the proper tools to enable that vision is essential. Join David Rizzo, an IT veteran, who led the transformation of Compuware from waterfall to agile and implementation of DevOps. You’ll see how Confluence was used to promote collaboration, in the office and in the field. How JIRA Software was used to track agile tasks and projects and how Bitbucket was utilized for handling source code. A modern DevOps toolchain is key to successful implementation. Using the Atlassian tools, Agile and DevOps were fully implemented across the entire organization.

6. Making Jira Software for the Software Makers: How Atlassian Teams use Jira Software

Jake Brereton — Senior Manager, Jira Software Product Marketing, Atlassian
Jason Wong — Principal Product Manager, Atlassian
Wednesday, September 13, 3:50 – 4:30 p.m.

Ever wondered how internal Atlassian teams push Jira Software to the limit? At Atlassian each team defines a process that best meets their unique needs and challenges. In this talk Product and Marketing Management duo Jason Wong and Jake Brereton will share insights into how Atlassian teams harness and stress test Jira Software to get their teams humming. You’ll leave this session with a behind-the-scenes look at how our teams:

  • Build custom views that put the right information in front of every team, role, and specialization
  • Add depth and accuracy to status tracking with deep developer tool integrations
  • Use apps for Atlassian tools to ensure all team members are fully connected to a common workflow

7. Mental Health in the Workplace – The Atlassian Way

Tyler Smith — Workplace Productivity Analyst, Atlassian
Thursday, September 14, 10:30 – 11:10 a.m.

Mental health is an aspect of diversity often labeled “taboo” in the workplace. In this session, Tyler Smith, Atlassian Workplace Productivity Analyst, will discuss about how Atlassian deals with this tricky – and often extremely sensitive – topic with the love, care, and attention that it needs. Come hear how Atlassian has helped him to both cope and thrive in the workplace, despite the daily challenges he faces. Tyler has openly shared his experience with fellow employees on our internal Confluence blog, and is excited to be able to share his journey more broadly. Whether you have struggled with mental health issues first-hand, or just want to know how you can help support those who do, this talk is one you won’t want to miss.

What sessions are you looking most forward to? Tweet us @QASymphony and let us know.

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