The Top 10 Software Testing Blog Posts of 2016

software testing blogAs 2016 draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect back on the past year and set new goals for 2017.  Maybe your team crushed 2016 deadlines and completed more launches than ever before… or maybe you didn’t come close.  Either way, 2017 represents a fresh start to strengthen your success and correct your shortcomings.

It is important to step back from your day to day activities and see what is and isn’t working so you can make improvements for the new year.  Make learning a part of your reflection and goal process.  A helpful software testing best practice, tracking technique or motivational boost might be just what you need to start off the 2017 new year right.

The following 10 QASymphony Software Testing Blog posts were the most popular of 2016. Review the top articles of the past year as voted by reader interest (number of views via Google Analytics), and make a new year’s resolution to continuously strengthen your software testing in 2016. We’ll be here to help.

The Top 10 Software Testing Blog Posts of 2016

1) 5 Manual Test Case Writing Hacks

New to testing and need a jolt of tips? These hacks on how to write effective test cases are guaranteed to help.

2) Think a JIRA Test Management Add-On is the Solution? Think Again.

While ALMs (Application Lifecycle Management tools), like JIRA, do many things very well, there’s one major gap in all ALM tools – Test Case Management.

3) Top Software Testing Conferences of 2016

One of the best strategies for staying on top of the current trends is attending software testing conferences where you can hear industry leaders and practitioners share best practices.

4) Whiteboard Friday Video Series: Exploratory Testing

A fascinating (free) video series with several great tips for making the most of exploratory testing.

5) The 4 Worst Software Bugs of 2015

Even the best organizations make mistakes, and the damage from software bugs can be significant.  Here are 4 of the worst software failures in 2015.

6) 100+ Best Software Testing Tools – (Research Done for You!)

We’re faced with  a growing number of ways to test new software, and a growing number of tools to accomplish those tests.  Here is a list of 102 software testing tools split up into 8 categories.

7) 20 Best Software Tester Interview Questions

The next time you’re interviewing for a software testing position, use these software tester interview questions to find the best people for your organization.

8) Quiz: What Kind of Software Tester Are You?

We thought it would be fun to create a “Personality Quiz” to help our community of software testers determine what kind of software tester they are.  Take our the quiz to find out which one of the six personalities you are most like.

9) 4 Characteristics of a Winning Software Testing Team

In order to help you create a winning software testing team we have put together four of the most important characteristics to keep in mind.

10) Why the HPE New “Spin-Merge” with Micro Focus Spells Trouble For HP Quality Center/ALM Customers

If you are concerned about the future of HP software, here are some things you need to know:

Here’s to your best year yet! Thanks for making the QASymphony Blog a part of your 2016.

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