cPrime CEO Zubin Irani shares tips for transforming testing for DevOps teams

As software development and testing teams face increasing pressure to accelerate release timelines, more and more organizations are turning to QA modernization to create higher quality software, faster. According to cPrime CEO Zubin Irani, prioritizing QA on DevOps teams is essential for success, but it requires careful alignment of developers and testers. Embedding quality into the development process can help teams improve quality amid rapid release cycles, but it’s an initiative that has to start at the top.

We recently sat down with Irani, whose organization specializes in large-scale agile and DevOps transformation, to get his take on how to successfully transform testing for DevOps. When a technology organization embarks on a modernization initiative, testing is often the thing that is thought about last. However, Irani says, “it is the one thing that everyone understands as absolutely critical to being able to deliver a quality product to the customer.”

Check out the video below to learn why successful DevOps teams think about quality first. And to learn more about testing in DevOps, read Seven Strategies for Easing the DevOps Transition.

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