Thought Roundup: 2014’s "Go To" resources, Fav online pub poll & what will blow your testing mind in 2015?

In 2014, when you wanted to know what people in the software testing industry were thinking, what were your “Go-to online resources?” In this year-end thought round-up, I’m sharing with you some of my favorites. You can vote for your favorites below and then see which online publications your peers rely on.

To help you get ready for 2015, we are hosting a webinar with special guest, Keith Klain. He will talk about what he expects to see in testing in the coming year and answer questions from you. In case you have not already registered, you can register here.

Develop Sense – articles by Michael Bolton, a recognized thought leader and promoter of rapid software testing

Ministry of Testing – centralized location for jobs, news, events, and education related to the software testing industry.

Quality Remarks – philosophical and executive level commentary on the software industry as a whole

SD Times – collection of news stories related to the technology space a whole, with breaking news related to new tool releases and upgrades and global technology trends. – articles by James Bach, a recognized thought leader and promoter of rapid software testing.

Software Testing Club – source of networking opportunities, meetings, and local communities to share thoughts and experiences with testing.

Software Testing Help – useful tutorials about popular tools and methods and popular sample resources related to software testing.

Software Test Pro – one-stop location for many types of testing thought pieces, most notably podcasts.

Sticky ┬áMinds — good source of guest blogs and stories covering different topics related to testing, development, and project management.

Tea Time with Testers – great monthly publication that covers trends, tools, and thoughts in the testing community.

Test This Blog – insights related to overcoming common testing traps and building a strong testing mindset.

U Test – wide array of blog posts with a specific flavor towards mobile and in-the-wild testing methods.

I created a quick poll you can add vote for your and then see which sources your peers are using. Take the poll.

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