Thought Round Up: Agile Principles vs. Practices, Agile Morphing, Wagile & Fagile

In this Round Up:  Agile & Transformation

Agile and Transformation

Agile may require transformation of your culture for sustainable impact – How many businesses utilizing Agile testing techniques think about it simply as a set of processes?  Agile Consultant Dwight Kingdon weighs in on why he believes businesses get so wrapped up in “stories” and “sprints” that they miss the true benefits of Agile.  “Agile practices are important, but it’s the agile principles that make the practices work well and make them sustainable in the long run. Principles are much harder to incorporate than practices, which is why many companies fall short. Performing techniques without understanding why they are doing them will lead to frustration. Agile is about people, interactions and culture, not processes, practices and tools.” – See more>

Is Agile morphing?  Should it? – Are Agile testing methodologies and principles sacred?  Or is there a real need to redefine Agile development based on the situation?  Mike Bonamassa says yes.  “I think the community needs to separate Agile into, say, small Agile and scaled or large Agile. They are two very different things. In Agile on the small side, developers can just go along with the manifesto tenets, such as focusing more on working software than documentation.  The challenge really comes in when you try to scale that up to a large organization, which requires a more prescriptive approach. When trying to get several hundred people working together and delivering value every two weeks, you have to put aside some small-Agile practices.”  full article>

Are you Wagile?  Yes.  Wagile. – On Software Testing Club Forum, a post made me stop and think.  One poster asked:  “I was attending a webinar and heard about Wagile…? Why wagile and why not agile?”  Reply:  “It’s referred to as an attempt at being/doing agile, but the reality is that it is a mini waterfall.  Waterfall + agile = wagile.” Posters went on to note other terms for the same thing:  “Agile but…” (also “Scrum but…” for those using the scrum forms while actually having a mini waterfall), “Agilefall”, “Agilefail”, “Waterscrum”… There’s quite a lot of them.” A mini-waterfall may be an improvement over a big waterfall, but what advances are you missing out on? See  more>

Agile for Families?  – At a conference, I heard a speaker talk about applying Agile development principles to managing your family.  (Fagile?)  His core point was to involve his kids in identifying what worked well the past week and what didn’t — maybe they were late for guitar practice or didn’t have the t-shirt they needed for camp — and then involving them in what they would do to fix the problem.  If you haven’t already, check out this TED talk by Bruce Feiler, “Agile Programming – For Your Family.”

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