All Things QASymphony and JIRA

QASymphony Team at Atlassian SummitThis week we are at the Atlassian Summit in San Jose, CA.  A vast majority of our customers are also JIRA users, so this is a great event for us to be a part of to show our commitment to the growing Atlassian ecosystem.

We also do a lot of great content about JIRA.  So if you want to learn more about QASymphony and JIRA, here’s a list of great resources to check out:

1. WEBINAR: Using JIRA for Test Case Management Webinar: Blog Recap |  On-Demand Webinar

2. WEBINAR: Exploratory Testing + JIRA – Blog Recap  |  On-Demand Webinar

3. WEBINAR: Using JIRA for Risk-Based Testing – Blog recap  |  On-Demand Webinar

4. BLOG: Think a JIRA Test Management Add-On is the Solution? Think Again.

5. BLOG: 3 killer JIRA test management hacks

6. BLOG: JIRA Tools That Will make Your Life Easier

7. BLOG: Sale the Use of JIRA by Adopting SAFe with JIRA

8. BLOG: Getting Better Bug Reports with JIRA

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  1. Wow this was really a great blog the way you have explained was soo good. Once again Thanks for the blog.


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