How Can Testers and QA Leaders Get Familiar with Continuous Integration and Delivery?

A Video Interview With Paul Merrill

In the following video, Paul Merrill shares his thoughts on how testers and QA leaders can get more familiar with continuous integration and delivery principles. Merrill, who founded the consulting firm Beaufort Fairmont, works with QA teams to optimize test automation strategies and better integrate testing into CI/CD workflows.

Testers haven’t traditionally been a part of the continuous integration and delivery conversation. But when testing isn’t integrated into those workflows, one of two things happens: either testing continues to happen independently, remaining a bottleneck and making it difficult to achieve the promises of CI/CD, or your software gets updated frequently — and undiscovered bugs make it into production.

Principles like test automation, parallel testing and test-first methodologies like behavior-driven development can help, and Merrill says QA teams he’s worked with have done an excellent job of modifying testing to suit new delivery models. Most often, it is not the process, but rather the mindset, that presents the biggest challenge to QA teams.

“They’re stuck because they fear what’s going to happen next,” Merrill says. Moving to CI/CD can feel like a tectonic shift, because there is no longer a clear-cut, single release the team is testing on. But ultimately, he points out, “progress happens because of discomfort.”

Check out the video above to hear more of Merrill’s thoughts about how testers and QA leaders can get more familiar with continuous integration and delivery.

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