New & Current Trends in Software Automation Testing [Infographic]

QASymphony partnered with TechWell to take the industry’s pulse on test automation trends. We surveyed testers and QA leaders at midsize and large enterprises across the U.S. and found that test automation is fast becoming an essential element of a modern QA strategy.

Full results are available in the report, The Evolution of Test Automation.

We found that most organizations (76%) are automating less than half of their test cases today. But a significant number of respondents expect to be making a big leap towards test automation in the next year— almost half expect to be automating 50%+ one year from now. The test automation tool landscape is growing more complex, and most organizations (83%) are using open-source tools, though our survey shows commercial tools play an important role as well.

Top barriers to adoption include difficulty finding skilled staff, shifting organizational mindset and creating test data for automated tests. One respondent explained, “Some of us would like to implement automated testing, but we have no budget or support from upper management.”

Organizations that are further ahead in their test automation implementation report significant benefits, including increased efficiency, improved test coverage and earlier bug detection. And teams that are automating more than 50% of test cases enjoy these benefits at a significantly higher rate.

That’s not to say that manual testing will be replaced completely. Testers agree that automation allows them to spend their time more strategically — both planning and executing automation strategies and performing the exploratory testing that cannot be replaced by automation. One respondent summed it up this way: “We don’t use automation to ‘reduce’ manual testing; we use it to augment it and allow our human testers to focus on new functionality and high-value testing work.”

Infographic: Test Automation Trends

test automation trends infographic

To get the full scoop on the latest test automation trends, download the report, The Evolution of Test Automation.

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