Q&A with Suzanne Dunham, QASymphony’s new Chief Customer Care Officer

Suzanne DunhamSuzanne Dunham joined QASymphony in October 2016 to build out our customer care organization. You can read the press release announcement here. I sat down with Suzanne to talk about her background and what she hopes to accomplish at QASymphony.

Q: Tell us about your background.

I’ve spent my career working in large organizations running customer support. I worked at Bank One, Northern Trust and Ryder Transportation Systems. I’ve managed large teams of up to 225 call center seats.

Q: How did you learn about QASymphony?

I worked for QASymphony’s CEO Dave Keil at IBBS where I managed a 165 person technical support team. I really liked working with Dave and we’ve kept in touch. As QASymphony started really taking off, Dave contacted me to give him some advice about the customer care team. I started doing a consulting project for him. One thing led to another and now I’m excited to officially be on the team.

Q: Why did you decide to join QASymphony?

I love that the company is focused on “quality”. As a customer care leader, I believe my job is all about quality. I want every customer to have a high quality experience when they interact with QASymphony.

Q: How have you enjoyed your new job so far?

This has been a great experience so far. QASymphony has such a talented and fun team to be around every day. The company has so much momentum and everyone is just so excited to be here. The team is committed to the company vision and wants to win.

Q: What do you want to accomplish at QASymphony?

One of our core values is “Create Raving Fans”. That’s really my goal. I want QASymphony to have a world-class customer experience. I’m going to put the people, process and tools in place to make that happen.

Q: What have you learned from a career working in customer care?

No company is perfect. Customers will always have problems or issues that need to be solved. Tom Peters once said that you can actually create more loyalty by solving a customer problem than if the problem never existed in the first place. I truly believe this. The better we take care of our customers, the happier they will be with our company. They will forgive us for a specific problem. But, they won’t forgive us if we can’t help them solve that problem.

Q: What will be your short-term focus at QASymphony?

We are going to improve our customer onboarding process. We want to get customers up-to-speed on our tools much faster and make them the subject matter experts. The more knowledge we give them, the more likely they are to become strong advocates for our tools.

Q: What do you do for fun outside of work?

The great outdoors is my “decompression chamber”.  My husband and I unwind by taking long kayak trips in the lakes around GA.  I am also an avid skier and hiker.

Please join me in welcoming Suzanne to the QASymphony family!  We look forward to her contributions to our growing company.

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