Survey Results: Every Company is a Software Company

We recently conducted a survey of nearly 600 IT and business professionals worldwide. The goal was to understand the impact of software on business, and the effect it has on everything from company culture and business planning to employee training and customer engagement.

What we found was very exciting – software-driven companies operate differently and software drives key company decisions.

In fact, software’s ability to transform entire industries has become so widespread that today, companies that are would not traditionally be considered “software companies” have begun to view themselves as being “in the software business”. It really shows how much software influences the way companies across all industries make decisions.

Being a “software-driven company” also creates some challenges. In the survey, 66% said that as much as half of all time spent on software development consumed by ensuring code quality and/or fixing software bugs. This underscores the importance of using software testing tools that can drive efficiency for the development team.

Our CMO, Jeff Perkins had this insight on the results “According to the data and input from our customers, software doesn’t support a business; it can create, transform and revolutionize a business. This tells us that essentially, every company is a software company and this puts a real premium on software quality. We believe that the market for tools that ensure and enhance software quality is about to take off.”

Download an infographic of our results here

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