Webinar Recap: Streamlining Automation Scripts and Test Case Parameters

Last week we hosted a webinar, Streamlining Automation Scripts and Test Data Management”, to compliment the release of qTest 8.1.  This webinar covers Test Case Parameters, QASymphony’s new Automated Script Generator, and new UI for the qTest eXplorer Session Manager

View the On-Demand Webinar Here 

We always take surveys throughout our webinars to get a better understanding of the audiences interests — last weeks survey results revealed that testers have all sorts of problems when it comes to test automation.  


The struggle with test automation cannot be isolated to just one issue, it encapsulates a large range of intermingled parts.  Whether it’s not have the right (or enough) automation engineers, testing legacy applications, or no process to streamline manual test to automated scripts, test automation has its share of challenges.

With the release of qTest 8.1, our goal is to accelerate the time it takes from converting manual tests to automated scripts through our new automated script generator with qTest eXplorer.  Testers take pride in being the subject matter experts in their applications, and they know what use cases are best to automate.  Therefore, we want to empower manual testers to contribute to your test automation stories.  

Watch this video “How to Generate Automated Test Script”  to see an end-to-end workflow of creating n JAVA Selenium script using Web eXplorer.  

We also gave a technical preview of test run parameterization through qTest Test Data Management (TDM).  Providing you with the ability to re-run test executions with different test step parameters and data sets; this feature will be a huge time saver during test planning.

View the Webinar Slides Below


We had a LOT of questions come in during this webinar, so have compiled some of the most requested below.  To better understand each question, we have organized them by the product areas of qTest Sessions, Automated Script Generation, and qTest Test Data Management (TDM).

qTest Sessions

Is there an easy way to switch back from qTest Manager?

Yes.  Since we open a new window for qTest sessions, you can still have qTest Manager open.  In the future, we will be incorporating a nine box icon across all applications to transitions between qTest Insights, qTest Sessions, qTest Manager etc. will be as smooth as possible.

See qTest Sessions user guide here

Can we customize the column views in sessions? If not how long until we can?

Yes.  In the top right corner of the qTest Session screen, you can select customize view to show or hide certain column values.

select-qtest-sessions customize-gird-view

How do I access the Automated Script Generator?

After you have create a new Web eXplorer session, you will see a “Generate Script” button in the top right corner of the review page. If you have test sessions prior to this new release, they sessions will not contain the “Generate Script” feature.

test data management select-generate-script

Automated Script Generation

Is this feature available for all users?

The Automated Script feature is only available for qTest Elite product package.   Please contact your customer success manager or email customersuccess@qasymphony.com for more information.

Will [insert automation framework] script generation be available in future builds?

This was the most asked question from the webinar.  We had people asking if python for Selenium, ruby for Selenium, Apache JMeter, Appium, and more are going to be available for the automation script generation.  We are actually looking at all options for future support, but we haven’t committed exactly on which frameworks we build out for qTest Sessions.  We want our customers to provide feedback first from this first iteration, and then we will move forward with the most popular frameworks asks.

Are the automation scripts created to be ran outside of the qTest Explorer so the scripts can be integrated with a client’s CI stack?

Yes. qTest eXplorer does all the recording and managing of the framework output, however, all executions happen outside of qTest eXplorer.  For example, in the webinar I showed a recorded Java for Selenium output which would be inserted into a Selenium project on another server.    

qTest Test Run Parameters

Can you import a list of parameter data from excel?

Yes. You will have the ability to upload parameters and instantly share them with your selected qTest Manager projects.  You will also have the ability to overwrite or skip duplicate parameters and add data to existing parameters.

test data management

Will Test Run Parameters be available via the qTest REST API?

Yes, in a future release.  We will be releasing a REST API at a future date and it will have the same robust capabilities as the qTest Manager API.

test data management

How can I be apart of the Test Run Parameters beta?

You can reach out to support@qasymphony.com to be apart of the beta.  Right now there is limited availability, but we can at least get you on a list or send you more materials if needed.

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