StarEast Software Testing Conference Recap

Our team just got back from the StarEast 2016 software testing conference in Orlando.  It was a great event and we are all very tired!  Here are some highlights:

1) Keith Klain’s Keynote

Keith Klain, a member of our board of advisors, kicked off the conference with a dynamic keynote.  Keith’s message to testers – you need to be able to draw a line between what you do as a tester and your business.  In other words, show the value that you provide to the organization.  Keith feels that tester spend too much time trying to explain what software testing is.  Instead, they need to explain how software testing helps the overall business. It was an insightful and humorous presentation.

2) The QASymphony Tester Personality Quiz

Our Tester Personality Quiz was a big hit at the show.  People took the quiz and came by the booth to claim their sticker. If you want to take the quiz and find out your tester personality, click here.

3) The QASymphony VIP Dinner

We had a fun dinner at Morton’s with some thought leaders, customers and prospects.  After a long day at the conference, it was nice to get away and have some great food and great conversation.

4) Mike Cooper teaching us how to “Evolve or Die”

It was a packed house for Mike Cooper’s presentation, Evolve or Die: What Testers Need to do to Survive and Thrive.  Mike did a great job engaging the audience and talking about how testers can grow their careers in the changing business landscape.  Mike also talked about how agile testers need agile tools and shared his experience using JIRA and qTest.  It was great to see the former “HP Evangelist” talking about our product!

5) The QASymphony Booth

For the QASymphony team, the best part of the show was working the booth.  We talked to over 200 people in two days.  Many expressed frustration with their current testing tools.  Whether they were using Excel or legacy testing software, they were clearly searching for a better solution.  We hope many of these people will give our products a try.  You can be sure that we will be busy following up with them over next few weeks.

StarEast was a big success for QASymphony. We look forward to seeing you at StarWest later this year. 

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