Free Your Software Testing Team from Excel Hell [Free Guide]

excel hell for software testing

Excel as a testing documentation tool starts out powerful and effective, then once it becomes essential, slowly begins to choke productivity.  Are you wondering how your software testing team could benefit from test case management tool like qTest?  Last week, we published a new guide detailing the difficulties that come along with managing, reporting and documenting software testing in spreadsheets.

Our new guide will provide you with the ammo you need to relieve the pain that comes along with using excel for test case management.

View the full guide here.

excel hell for software testing guide

Does this sound familiar?

  • We have too many folders, too many documents – all being managed with spreadsheets. It’s overwhelming and slowing down our testing efforts…
  • We’re spending more time updating spreadsheets than actually testing.
  • Test cases and defect slip through the cracks – too many email attachments and spreadsheets to dig through
  • We’re constantly on the hunt for data about a project – we’re lacking centralization.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to get out of Excel Hell!

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