10 Reasons Software Testers Must Attend Quality Jam 2017

Quality Jam is returning to Atlanta for round two, and QASymphony can’t wait to host what we know will be the biggest and best Quality Jam event to date. Mark your calendars for April 18th-19th! And get ready for 2 days of learning, networking, and fun!

Take 2 minutes right now to check out www.qualityjam.com — you will find a fantastic group of speakers, sponsors, and more.

To show you how truly amazing this event is going to be, we’ve put together 10 reasons you just can’t miss this event. (Or just go ahead and register now. We promise you won’t be disappointed.)

1. Go-To Conference for ANYONE and EVERYONE Seeking to Understand Modern Software Testing

It’s called QASymphony’s User Conference, but It’s a lot more than that and is useful for all.  Covering a wide range of topics from rapid testing, automation, and DevOps, to a peek into testing at Disney and much more.

Conveniently located in Atlanta on April 18-19th – a direct flight from almost anywhere.

2. Hear From Top Software Testing Thought Leaders and Practitioners

There are some truly brilliant minds in the world of software testing, and Quality Jam 2017 will bring together some of the best and brightest to present at the conference. The lineup is a mix of both thought leaders and practitioners, so you’ll walk away with inspiration and action items you can implement at your business.

Here are just a few of the many speakers and sessions we’re really excited about:

  • Michael Bolton from DevelopSense
  • Keith Klain from Tekmark
  • Janna Loeffler from Disney
  • Jeffery Hammond from Forrester

Check out the full agenda here.

3. Bring the Entire Team!

In the spirit of promoting testing and development alignment, we encourage you to bring the whole team to Quality Jam. There are tracks for both testers and developers, so both teams will benefit from attending. There’s even a discount for teams of 3 people or more that’ll save you big bucks on each ticket! (Email Marketing@qasymphony to learn about the discount options)

4. Network With Over 350+ Software Testing Professionals

Quality Jam is notorious for bringing together hundreds testing professionals from around the country who are looking to challenge the status quo and become better at what they do. You’ll have the chance to eat, drink, and hang out with hundreds of your peers who also want to take their testing game to the next level. (including a tour of Sweetwater Brewery & bbq from FoxBros)

Here’s what some attendees from last year’s event had to say:


 5. Meet the Quality Jam Sponsors

QASymphony is excited to host Quality Jam, and we’re even more excited to partner with like-minded companies who are sponsoring because they believe in software testing just as much as we do. The sponsors of Quality jam have built technology and provide a service that helps software testers do their jobs even better.

Here are the sponsors you should make plans to meet — and more are being added each week!

6. See Why 90% of Attendees Would Recommend Quality Jam to a Friend

Last year’s  Quality jam attendees had a great time learning and networking, and the majority plan to attend again this year (93%). The combination of thought leadership presentations, educational sessions, fun networking opportunities, great food, and an amazing venue (the Westin Buckhead) really make for an event you won’t want to miss.

93% of last years attendees said they plan to come back again in 2017

7. Learn How Other Companies See Success with Software Testing

If you’re wondering how companies are actually doing Software Testing, make sure you check out the case study sessions. During these sessions, practitioners at all different types of companies will share their success stories and will help you better understand how to apply these testing principles at your organization.

8. Hear from Two Famous Podcaster’s

As podcasters for the last decade, Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant and Josh Clark have had the opportunity to learn some really fascinating things. Like that it takes a light particle 100,000 years to make it from the core of the sun to the surface, but only 8 minutes to make it from there to the Earth. Or that lightning literally rips apart the air it travels through as it makes its way from the sky to the ground.

In researching and producing more than 900 episodes of the pioneering podcast Stuff You Should Know, they’ve dipped their toes into just about every subject matter you can imagine, from science and politics, to pop culture and history. And in the process, they’ve racked up nearly a half a billion episode downloads and sold out live shows all across North America and the UK. Not bad for a couple of public school guys who’d thought their learning days ended with college.

Their witty and casual approach has certainly proven contagious. The “SYSK Army” has grown into one of the most dedicated, curious, and knowledge hungry collections of people on the planet. Now it’s your turn to hang out with Josh and Chuck as they explore the interesting and oftentimes messy world of software testing with a live talk about some of the more notable examples of untested things that went down in flames (sometimes literally).

9. Discover Tools to Build Your Technology Stack 10. Be a Part of the Biggest and Best Quality Jam Event Yet!

We’re expecting to double the amount of attendees from last year, and QASymphony has grown so much since last year’s event, so this will be the biggest Quality Jam event you’ve ever attended!

Get Your Tickets Now — $100 off!

Check out all the event details and get your tickets here. The tickets are worth $300, but we have a special offer just for our blog readers. Use the exclusive promo code QasymphonyBlog to get discounted tickets ($100 off)!

We hope to see you in Atlanta!

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