RESTful API Testing using Postman, Newman, and Jenkins [Webinar Recap]

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our webinar, “RESTful API Testing using Postman, Newman, and Jenkins.

Elise Carmichael, QASymphony’s Vice President of Quality, covered the details on why you should put an emphasis on API testing with a live demonstration of three essential, open source tools to get the job done — Postman, Newman and Jenkins.

Read on for a brief recap of the webinar and be sure to watch the recording where she go through her process, step-by-step.

Why API testing?

Security is the primary justification for focusing on API testing. Not properly testing your API opens up your application to accidental and malicious data leaks. Compromises or bugs in your API code can bring down your application at worse, or make it painfully slow in the best case scenario.

Beyond the security implication, API tests are simple to write and quick to run. It’s a basic way to start performance testing; if executing the call takes more than a few seconds, you can fail the test. Lastly, you can include basic scenarios into your production monitoring system and set up alerts in the event that the application is slow or broken.

View the RESTful API Testing using Postman, Newman, and Jenkins webinar here.

Elise goes into much more depth on API testing, including demos of Postman, Newman and Jenkins. You can view the full recording on-demand and browse the slides for yourself below.

A huge thanks to everyone who attended and, as always, let us know if there are any topics you would like for us to consider for future webinars by tweeting us at @QASymphony or emailing

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