Recap of QUEST 2015

We had a great week at the QUEST conference connecting with fellow software testers and some brilliant thought-leaders in the industry – all in our hometown of Atlanta. We also has the privilege of leading two sessions during the week. The first session was an overview of our brand new visualization tool for testers, qMap. Kyle Cochran, our VP of Product led the session, giving an overview of the game-changing technology that we’ve been working on. We believe that qMap will truly revolutionize the way QA teams manage data and reporting and were thrilled to have the opportunity to give a glimpse of our beta version to our friends at QUEST.

Kevin Dunne, our Director of Product Strategy, also has the opportunity to speak on “How to Start, Grow, and Perfect Your Exploratory Testing Team.” We had a great group of people attend who were all over the map from Waterfall to Agile — some doing no exploratory testing and some just trying to practice exploratory testing on their team. Kevin dove into the benefits of exploratory testing, starting off by explaining that it is specific yet flexible. “With exploratory testing, you’re not a train stuck on a track. If you see an opportunity to go off the rails a bit, you have the freedom to that,” he said.

Kevin also spoke about what exploratory testing is not. He pointed out that exploratory testing is not unstructured or the only form of testing. It’s also not impossible to practice in unregulated environments. Exploratory testing is, however, as much what you decide to test as what you decide not to test.

Kevin also dug into the nuts and bolts on how to actually build and exploratory testing team at your organization — where to start, how to overcome the obstacles, and what will make your team successful. Here’s a short snippet from Kevin’s talk:

Interested in hearing the rest of it? Don’t you worry — Kevin’s going to do a webinar on this topic just for you! Sign up here to learn how to Start and Grow Your Exploratory Testing Team!

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