Quality Jam London Sessions On Demand: Hear Transformation Stories from Today’s Top Testing Leaders

Couldn’t make it to all the sessions you wanted to see at Quality Jam London 2018 last week? Here are the links to all the sessions we recorded, so you can see what you missed or watch an encore of your favorites. If you missed Adam Satterfield’s morning session, “Effective Quality Leadership,” check out this expanded version from Quality Jam Atlanta.

Continuous Load Testing: A Journey to Performance at Scale

QASymphony’s Kevin Dunne, the new General Manager of Tricentis Flood, shares the latest innovations in load and performance testing in this 20-minute session. According to Dunne, new technologies are making the discipline more accessible to testers of all skill levels. His presentation includes an overview of where the field is headed, as well as tips to take your performance testing practice to the next level. Be sure to watch this one all the way to the end — there’s a lively and informative discussion during the Q&A after the presentation.

Office Depot’s Agile Transformation

Follow the link above for an encore presentation of Mikey Warner’s lively presentation about how he led Office Depot’s transformation from a legacy waterfall delivery organization to an agile approach. Warner, who is Office Depot Europe’s Director of QA — but goes by simply “the testing guy” — explains that QA wasn’t always treated as a first class citizen. Hear how he convinced the organization that “anyone who has anything to contribute to delivery of a story or feature is a first class citizen” — especially the testers.

DPDgroup’s QA Transformation – Managing Effective Evolution

In this session, Mallissa Baldwin shares the story of QA transformation at DPDgroup, the second largest international parcel delivery network in Europe. Baldwin shares practical advice and methods for implementing effective change that can be applied to most organizations. Baldwin’s presentation includes some great takeaways for any QA team that’s looking for better ways to measure progress toward a set of defined goals.

Using BDD to Test a Robotic Process Automation Solution

Watch this session to hear the story of how Mario Matthee and his team tested a financial services organization’s investment bot using behavior-driven development and a mixture of manual and automated testing. According to Matthee, BDD is not as scary as it is made out to be — and there is an important place for manual testers on teams practicing BDD.

Product Keynote: The Roadmap and Who the Heck is Tricentis?

In this session, Elise Carmichael, VP of Product Strategy for qTest, and Thomas Stocker, Director of Product Management at Tricentis, share details about the companies’ plans for the future, and Carmichael shares highlights from the 2019 qTest roadmap. Get a sneak peek at some exciting new capabilities, including smart testing, BDD enhancements and security testing integrations.

Software Quality Anti-Patterns in Testing

In this lively session, Keith Klain explores a unique perspective on testing — the anti-patterns that can cause unintended consequences and introduce dysfunction and risks into your organization. The key to addressing many of these, according to Klain, is to shift your attitude about testing: “Stop trying to manage testing as though it can be solved. Manage risk as it associates to your business and let that drive testing.”

Designing Quality in Depth

In this session, Justyn Trenner, Director of QA Vector Research for QA Financial, shares insights gleaned from his research for the latest QA Vector report about the most common reasons QA teams fail, as well as the unique challenges faced by testers who work in regulated industries.

Dutch Railways’ Framework for Effective Agile Test Management Implementation

Rollout and implementation are two of the most daunting tasks for any QA leader considering new tooling. In this session, Dutch Railways’ Niels Rikze presents his framework for effectively implementing qTest for agile test management across multiple teams within a large organization.

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