Quality Jam: Breaking the Documentation Bottleneck Panel

As a Client Success Manager I have the pleasure of working with our customers everyday and was thrilled to moderate one of our Quality Jam panels, Breaking the Documentation Bottleneck, which featured a few of our customers: Emily Byrnes from Heartland, George Garza from Manhattan Associates and Vu Lam from KMS Technology. In order to be Agile and save time we often hear the phrase “document less and code more”  however, despite this trend we know that documentation is important and will always be necessary which is why we wanted to discuss breaking the documentation bottleneck in this panel.

Each of our panelists have something in common, they are innovators, who take risks and have done something different to break this bottleneck; they have all used one of our new products eXplorer.  Explorer is our test recording and documentation tool that captures manual screenshots and essentially documents for you.  Their experiences with eXplorer gave a very interesting perspective into the documentation bottleneck.

You can watch the entire panel discussion below

Here are a few key takeaways from the discussion:

  1. Documentation can be time-consuming, but eXplorer can save a LOT of time as it records user actions including screen changes, user actions (clicks and data entry), and environment (software and hardware specs)
  2. eXplorer can be useful for development teams (defects, test evidence) AND business users (training, user guides, etc.), it is especially useful for remote (international) testing teams, as you can see exactly what activities were performed
  3. eXplorer helps with eXploratory testing, which captures user behavior more organically to show how application is actually used (not necessarily based on a script)
  4. eXplorer helps with manual scripted testing – e.g. Manhattan started with 0 test cases and created all of their test cases by using eXplorer (instead of importing legacy test cases)

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