Quality Jam: BDD, TDD and ATDD for the Enterprise


During Quality Jam 2016 I had the privilege of presenting with one of QASymphony’s earliest customers, BetterCloud, on how methodologies like BDD, TDD and ATDD scale for the enterprises. Adam Satterfield is the VP of Quality Assurance at BetterCloud and has been in QA for many years; he has taught me a lot about Behavior Driven Development, Test Driven Development, Acceptance Test Driven Development.  In the session we share a new way of testing– what Adam and I believe to be the next generation of testing development.

We know that there are several ways to do testing and we are just showing one new way to do it – If this session doesn’t inspire action, hopefully it will at least give you and your team something to think about.

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5 Key Takeaways

  1. Behavior Driven Development is still an emerging technique – for all the benefits, and the fact that BDD has been around for almost 10 years (if not longer), this technique is still not well known by most of the attendees at the conference.  In conversation with attendees after the show, some had never heard of BDD and others were vaguely familiar with it, but very few were knowledgeable about the technique and utilizing it
  2. BDD’s biggest impediment is developers, not testers – most of the testers who hadn’t heard of BDD were optimistic about trying it, but they were skeptical about developers contributing to tests and working in this new red/green/refactor process.  Next year, we will invite more developers so we can have more of a two sided conversation
  3. BDD may be best introduced on a new project – there was understandable fear about switching to this new process in flight.  The idea of a new project was a refreshing opportunity to our attendees to potentially pilot a new development process involving BDD
  4. Go Agile, then go BDD – Agile and BDD are complementary – one is a way of planning and delivering software, another is a way of structuring how teams define and execute their work.  But, it seems like the attendees that had transitioned to Agile already were more receptive and prepared to try out BDD
  5. Having a customer show the way makes new ideas more attainable – Our customer, Adam from Bettercloud, was a great speaker and able to clearly communicate how he was able to achieve a successful BDD transformation  This made our attendees much more encouraged to take on something that is otherwise seemingly unattainable.  We are eager to have Adam back next year, and hope to have a forum where more of our customers can share the innovative and exciting things they are doing with our products!

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