Quality Jam 2017 Speaker Spotlight Series

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Quality Jam 2017 is quickly approaching — mark your calendars for April 18th-19th — and we’re excited to present an amazing lineup of 18 speakers during the 2-day event! We’ve put together a Quality Jam speaker spotlight video series with a handful of presenters, teasing the topics they’ll cover.

Take a few minutes to watch these short interviews and get ready for a jam-packed event with some of the brightest minds in software development and testing.

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Keynote: Debugging Your Test Team | Keith Klain, Telmark Global Solutions

On day 2 Keith is giving a keynote talk centered on the test team itself. He’s worked with countless software testing organizations, and at Quality Jam, he’ll share how he reviews test teams, identifies areas of improvements, and aligns test approaches with business objectives.


How to Get Automation Included in Your Definition of Done | Angie Jones, LexisNexis

Test automation is often left out of Agile sprints, leading to automation being done in isolation and potentially missing key aspects of requirements. In her session, Angie will provide approaches for successfully achieving in-sprint automation and walk through an example story of how to apply these techniques.


Testing the Magic at Walt Disney Imagineering | Janna Loeffler, Walt Disney Imagineering

The theme parks at Disney present unique challenges in ensuring quality experiences for all guests, as each attraction is unique. Janna will talk about the history of software development and testing at Walt Disney Imagineering, the standards required to drive software quality, and key decisions she’s made to improve software development and testing.


The Role of Testers in the World of DevOps | Adam Satterfield, KMS Technology

The software industry is moving to rapid deployment as part of the agile process, yet testing is still done at the end of sprints at the determent of quality. Adam will provide his experiences bringing quality into DevOps and give QA members helpful strategies to improve speed while insuring quality at every step of the process.


Macro Trends & Useful Testing Tools that Get It | Kevin Dunne, QASymphony

The testing industry is ever-changing and rapidly evolving, making it imperative that testers have the right tools available to them. QASymphony’s own Kevin Dunne will discuss 5 of the most important macro trends in testing tools and provide examples of the tools that understand the needs and wants of testers.


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See you in Atlanta!

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