Quality Jam 2016 Product Roadmap Keynote

Quality Jam 2016 Product Roadmap

Earlier this month we hosted our first user conference, Quality Jam 2016 – a software testing conference, in Atlanta.

During Quality Jam 2016 Jonathan Alexander, QASymphony’s new CTO, Bobby Smith, Director of R&D at QASymphony, and myself, VP of Development, shared a glimpsed into our 2016 product roadmap and gave our attendees a sneak peak into a few exciting announcements. We know everyone that wanted attend couldn’t make it out to Georgia so we are sharing a recording of the Product Roadmap Keynote, which you can view below.

(Jonathan recently wrote a blog post on why he joined QASymphony – Check out why here)

Product Roadmap Keynote Agenda

  • 2016 Product Roadmap — qTest and qTest eXplorer
  • Reporting & Analytics — new capabilities
  • Integration Enhancements
  • New Product Initiatives

Quality Jam 2016 Product Roadmap Keynote Recording – Part 1:

I walked through our roadmap for qTest and qTest Explorer 2016.  And Jonathan announced the creation of qTest Insights 2.0 and walked attendees through a pre beta demo.

qTest Roadmap:

  • Cloud Releases: Increase API, increased ALM Integration, Usability, Workflow, Automation and Security
  • On Premise Releases: SAML, Beta New Reporting Module, GA New Reporting Module, Start UI Refresh, UFT Integration, Parameterization, API Hub, Oracle/SQL Server Support

qTest Explorer Roadmap: 

  • Cloud Releases: Increase Mobility, Capture, Session Editor, Reporting, Automation
  • On Premise Releases: Beta New Reporting Module, Additional Mobile Capture, Session Editor Enhancements, Automation Integrations

Learn about our March 28th product release, qTest 7.4.

Quality Jam 2016 Product Roadmap Keynote Recording – Part 2:

Jonathan and Bobby announced the formation of QASymphony Labs. Which is going to be a division of QASymphony with a mission to work on creating new innovative products that will help testing teams.

Quality Jam 2016 Product Roadmap Keynote Slides:

Looking to ask follow up questions or request a private demo of the new features? That’s fantastic – fill out our contact form.

In the coming days, weeks we’ll be posting a lot of follow-up content here on the blog so if you are looking for more great content from Quality Jam – here is a full recap of the day including all the conference keynote and session recordings.

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