The number one test management tool is Excel and we find that unacceptable

As we launch QASymphony, I plan to blog about the different experiences I have in talking with ISVs about how they do quality assurance today.  When I go out and meet with clients, I see every day that quality assurance is a problematic area for most companies I meet with.  One of my discoveries is that the number one test management tool used by companies is Microsoft Excel!

Why are most companies simply writing their test plans and test cases in Excel and not using tools that make their teams more productive?  Is it because the tools available today are too expensive, too complex, or simply do not add enough value?  Whatever the case, we, at QASymphony, believe this is unacceptable!  We believe all companies with large to small teams and large to small budgets need quality assurance management tools that increase productivity, provide visibility, are easy to use, and are very very affordable.  We want to reinvent the space as we deliver QASymphony with our suite of tools in the coming months.

So far, I think we are on the right track.  When we demo our productivity tools and tell companies about what QASymphony is building, the reaction we get is extremely positive, which is exciting to us and a challenge.  Our goal is to have raving reviews from our customers – if they don’t recommend, we don’t succeed. I will be sharing my experiences as we launch QASymphony and talk about what we hear from our clients, prospects, and our employees.

Please follow me and join my journey!

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