See how Assembla thinks about qTrace…

A QA expert from Assembla has tried out and reported about qTrace. This is excerpted from a new blog post by Andy Singleton, CEO of Assembla.

qTrace is an easy tool to use for defect capturing. I was able to install the product on my Windows PC and get started with no problem. The tool records combination of screenshots and action steps. This is a unique format that is more detailed than a written description, and easier to read than a video. The tester can save this log as a Word document, a picture file, or an Acrobat file and save it directly to an Assembla ticket. I was able to record the defect steps in IE8 and FF11 with ease and could submit the defect to the Assembla bug tracker with no issues. The tool also captures all the details of the PC and the browser on which the tester has tested the scenario. Developers can understand the issue by looking at the detailed description of the defect. It’s a very handy product for testers, with a useful integration to Assembla. qTrace allows testers to configure the fields to be displayed, specify default values and manage custom fields. With this integration, the qTrace user can quickly submit a complete, detailed ticket to Assembla from the desktop within a couple of clicks which is both very convenient and a huge time-saver.

Did you know that qTrace has very deep integration with Assembla, making it super easy to submit defects to Assembla? If your team is using Assembla as a ticket management system, go ahead giving qTrace a try.

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