qTrace – A unique screenshot way to travel back in time.

Time travel has always been a topic that has fascinated people.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have the opportunity to experience what your parents or even grandparents experience?

While we can think that certain types of time travel would be “fun”, there are also many practical applications where time travel can help in business or even in software development.  In most cases today, software testers only provide a screenshot of the defect, so the developer cannot understand what actually happened, back in time, to cause the defect.  In these instances, a time machine would be handy and helpful for a software developer trying to figure out what steps a tester performed to cause a defect.  Unfortunately, time machines don’t exist.

While qTrace isn’t quite as cool as a time machine – it’s pretty darn cool. Simply by clicking “the big red button” on qTrace, a tester can capture time as qTrace will document, in a compact file, every mouse click, keystroke and screen that tester performed to cause the defect. Moreover, qTrace will also capture all the system information including the operating system, browser and application information.

So, until a real time machine is invented, qTrace is a great alternative for software development teams to use to see what happened back in time.

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