qTest’s Jira Integration: Testing and tracking harmony

Software development vendor Atlassian has over 40,000 customers, many of whom use their popular issue and project tracking solution JIRA to manage their engineering organizations. Software developers love JIRA’s robust functionality and flexibility – particularly for agile teams. However, many organizations unknowingly push JIRA beyond its limits by trying to use it as a test case management solution as well as an application lifecycle management tool. Luckily, qTest seamlessly integrates with JIRA to provide teams with more control and visibility while promoting greater collaboration and speed. But is a built-for-testing solution really worth it?

Here are 3 reasons that qTest + JIRA integration will make all the difference for your QA team:

1. qTest is a dedicated test case management solution: qTest is architected to track testing data while JIRA is primarily constructed to be an issue tracking tool. Whether using a JIRA plug-in or customizing JIRA itself, the data structure is not able to track step by step statuses. Step level status tracking is an industry best practice for understanding retesting progress and is required in many regulated industries.

2. Streamlined, real-time approach to syncing updated object data: When leveraging multiple systems in your development organization, it is essential to have a holistic, contextual view into your requirements, defects and tasks. If data in the systems are out of sync, information is inconsistent, mistakes are made, and productivity and efficiency suffer. Unlike other tools, qTest was purpose-built using webhooks in its JIRA integration. As a result, qTest offers an intelligent approach to syncing updated object data. This eliminates 80-90% of data transactions, improving performance. Smart integration enables more consistency and greater data fidelity to ensure accuracy and better decision-making throughout your testing process.

3. Scalability & improved performance: Other test case management solutions have been known to crash JIRA while attempting to sync too many objects between the systems. This is less of an issue with qTest because it only syncs updated objects, allowing the system to scale as organizations grow. With qTest, you never have to worry about the number of objects being created – only about building better software.
qTest’s JIRA integration is already solving the testing / tracking issue for thousands of software developers and quality service professionals. Sign up for a free trial to see for yourself how qTest’s JIRA integration can help you and your team increase their testing accuracy and efficiency.

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