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qTest Pulse Continuous Testing

Announcing qTest Pulse

Today, I’m excited to announce that after 8 months of tinkering, researching, building, testing, and deploying — we are ready to invite our first customers to experience qTest Pulse.

When I first started my journey with QASymphony about a year ago, I joined on the promise that I’d hit the ground running by spending a lot of R&D time figuring out what our next big idea would be.

It’s not quite moonshot territory, and often times testing gets a bad rap as being tedious or unexciting. But one of greatest things about living in a culture of software testing is being able to build the tools we need to distribute our own products, and then tell our customers our story about how we made ourselves move faster with higher quality.

Join us on March 1st at 2PM for a live webinar on qTest Pulse– “Continuous Testing Meets Continuous Quality” – SAVE YOUR SEAT

The Journey

qTest Pulse was the start of that journey for me. Understanding how difficult it was for us to release a fairly large and complicated product, be confident in its quality, and to do it frequently — well, that’s the nirvana of software development today. We hear industry catch phrases like “DevOps”, “Continuous Testing”, “Test Automation vs Automated Testing”, but what do these concepts really mean for the tester?

We think it means taking the tester, no matter if it’s manual testing, exploratory testing, feature building, or writing BDD style requirements-to-test-cases in the style of — we know that DevOps requires a lot of automation, but the testing process often gets left out.

There might be some big list of regression tests, but they’re always left to the end to cover. You might be almost “fully” automated, but have the product owners actually tried the software to ensure it meets their expectations in terms of the feature? If not, how quickly can you turn it around while still ensuring that turn around is well tested?

Bringing the Tester Into the Pipeline

qTest Pulse is meant to insert the tester — no matter the hat — into the Continuous Delivery pipelines that today’s DevOps teams are constructing.

We believe information radiators — often cited as the big screens showing our Jenkins dashboards plastered in the hallways — are truly more than just displays.

The information radiators are:

  • The commit comments that are streamed, understood and interpreted by the testers
  • The comments on JIRA stories after test executions fail.
  • The CI test results that don’t have to be drilled down into.
  • The power to automate a lot of the process behind how code gets built, placed into a test environment, and shipped to multiple environments.

Continuous Deployment is all about push button deployments, shouldn’t testing be this easy too?

I also just want to thank everyone on the Pulse team (we’re small! 1 large pepperoni and 1 medium veggie lover’s at the most) for their months of hard work and intuitive thinking, and to everyone at QASymphony in general for having the patience to see through a few of our crazy ideas.

Let the pull requests begin…

Visit QASymphony Labs to be up to date on all our latest developments.

And join us for the two webinars we are hosting in the coming weeks around continuous testing and the Pulse launch.

  • February 22 at 2pm ET for a  no-nonsense talk on DevOps and the role testers play in a continuous testing world SAVE YOUR SEAT
  • March 1st at 2pm for a live webinar on qTest Pulse– “Continuous Testing Meets Continuous Quality” – SAVE YOUR SEAT

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