qTest Insights Expands Jira Reporting Capabilities

Earlier this year, we released a new set of executive-level charts for qTest Insights that focus on communicating test automation progress, time to market, risk reduction and other strategic priorities.  These reports help QA teams measure testing progress generated from qTest test executions. Today, we’re releasing new Jira reporting capabilities that enable qTest Insights users to report Jira defects that are not connected to test runs, showing traceability to Jira property fields, with new out-of-the-box charts.

Broader Visibility into Jira Defects

Before this release, qTest Insights could report on all integrated project data related to bug issue type if the issue was linked to a test run in qTest Manager. This data was especially helpful for the testing team for measuring defects found within their test cycles. However, sometimes bugs are reported outside of the test team, and not connected to a test run artifact.  

That’s why we added the new capability to report on Jira defects that are connected, as well as those that are not connected to test runs. This new feature will help gather a full story of defect results within Jira projects and releases. Check out the following video to see how qTest Insights lets you visualize both sets of defect data. 

Better Traceability to Jira Property Fields

Teams can now combine Jira property fields and values with test run data in qTest Insights to produce detailed traceability reports. This new feature allows testing teams to better analyze property values related to testing activities.

Check out the following video to see how you can group Jira property fields to get detailed requirement traceability reports that string together test runs passed, failed, linked defects and more.

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