QASymphony’s Kyle Cochran in SD Times

Testing in a modern, mobile and agile world

“There are tools available that allow QA testers to exist in a more agile environment and still feel like they are releasing quality software, making their jobs more efficient and allowing them to evaluate more of the product without sacrificing that level of quality.

Agile testing in theory has everybody in one room or at a set of desks, and they are working through a number of stories and doing that in a face-to-face type of environment. But that’s the theory. I think the reality is that many software organizations are very distributed, and they have to find ways to communicate and operate efficiently with the pressures of developing software quality with high quality. And I think software organizations without the right test management tools that allows good communication and good visualization of issues that exist or how well the product is performing are going to struggle. The proper tool makes it easier for both developers and testers to do their job.

Developers may be doing testing, but that doesn’t make them an agile tester. Testers bring with them a certain way of at looking at software that a developer may not be as suited for,” according to Cochran.

Published: September 23rd, 2014 – Christina Mulligan

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