QASymphony – Our First Pitch

Well, today we met with our first ISV where we more formally pitched our new company and product, QASymphony.  We got the result we wanted, they were blown away by the Quality Management Product and they are interested in being a Beta client.  Great news.  While we got the result we need, I also believe we need to refine our messaging as we meet with more companies. Great products speak for themselves.  They are intuitive, easy to understand, solve a problem, and WOW the user.  We should have spent less time talking to PPT’s and more time talking to screens and demos.  That’s a little tough when the product is not completely built yet, but we’ll need to refine our approach.

While we have informally talked with a plethora of companies about how they manage Quality Assurance, today’s meeting affirmed that many companies do not view quality assurance as a strategic function.  This particular ISV has 170 people in its organization – it’s a nice sized company and they are having quality problems.  They have 5 people in QA and leverage 10 people from their Help Desk on an as-needed basis.  Tools – NONE!  Actually, they use the most rampant Quality Assurance Management tool in the market today – Excel.  They have evaluated other tools like Quality Center and others, but here is a quote from them about those test management applications, “I have found them to be too expensive and even worse, it takes more time to maintain the darn tool than it does to get the testing done.”  We explained that qTest would sit in the cloud – no deployment issues and costs.  When they saw the demo, they commented that qTest is simple to understand and easy to use.  They saw the value of the product.  When we told them it would be a freemium model at a nominal price point, they were even more excited about getting started with our Quality Assurance software.  Their response was, “this is a no brainer, it looks awesome, and the investment is so small, when can we get it?”  We are thrilled to have them as a Beta Client.

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