QASymphony is headed to STARWEST next week!

QASymphony is excited to head to STARWEST in Anaheim next week! The theme for this year is “Born to Test Software.” Come visit us at Booth #29 in the Conference Expo!

Sessions we are stoked to check out:

The Secret Life of Testers: Where Your Time Really Goes

by Michael Bolton of DevelopSense & James Bach of Satisfice, Inc.

Testing is on the schedule. Your title is Tester. It is time to test. The team is waiting for you. Everybody thinks you spend your time testing. So, why does it seem that you spend so little time actually testing? Michael Bolton and James Bach will show you. They have developed a training and research tool to visually animate the progress of testing. Through the use of testopsies and session-based test management data, Michael and James have collected patterns of how context-driven testers use their time—from the micro to the macro level. Among their findings are that a good tester can spend a whole week in earnest work, and yet achieve only one day of actual progress toward the testing goal. Learn how you can use these patterns to make sensible estimates and set better expectations with your clients.

Test Gaps: Transforming the Process

by Iris Trout, TD Bank

Throughout her career, Iris Trout has uncovered gaps in testing that prevent organizations from experiencing high efficiency and high quality test results. Join Iris as she shares her journey to improve QA practices. Learn what QA transformation means and discover how to set realistic timelines, prioritize what you need to work on, and measure and report on what you are improving. Exploring testing artifacts, metrics, reporting, outsourcing, roles, organization change management, and several others areas where most QA organizations fall short, Iris offers practical and easy-to-implement solutions for building a strong QA organization. She shares helpful information on how to engage a vendor in your transformation journey and how to make the vendor relationship strong and collaborative. With her passion and candor for quality delivery processes, Iris provides successful solutions that she has implemented several times over.

Putting Quality First through Continuous Testing

by Adam Auerbach, Capital One

Capital One has a highly integrated environment, which creates many dependencies for its agile teams. Because these dependencies are often not completed until late in their sprints, Capital One faced prolonged integration and regression testing phases, and did not realize the expected improvements in quality or time to market. As technology leaders pushed for continuous delivery, testing needed to “shift left” and execute test in real time concurrently with development. Adam Auerbach shares Capital One’s experience implementing continuous testing. He explains the core principles of continuous testing, service virtualization, and the continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline—and why testers need to understand and leverage these important concepts. Adam believes that testers need to learn basic development skills, including Ruby and Java, so they can take advantage of advanced automation practices. Because continuous testing is not easy and many companies have large populations of manual testers, Adam will provide a learning map to help you plan your personal and team’s transition.

Testing Applications—For the Cloud and in the Cloud

by Allan Wagner of IBM

As organizations adopt a DevOps approach to software development, they work to shorten test cycles, begin testing earlier, and test continuously. However, one challenge still remains―the unavailability of complete and realistic production-like test environments. Technologies like service virtualization help, but there comes a time when you need additional computing resources to deploy and test the application. Today’s cloud technology allows teams to spin up test labs on demand. Join Al Wagner as he describes the various clouds―public, private, and hybrid―and the cloud services available today. By combining the cloud with service virtualization, teams can now test applications end-to-end much earlier in the delivery lifecycle. Learn how teams can use today’s SaaS offerings, deployed on cloud technology, to manage their test effort and drive test execution. Explore how you can use clouds throughout the delivery lifecycle as your organization works to migrate and virtualize legacy applications. Take testing to a new level and test with greater efficiency―in the cloud.

See you in Anaheim!

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