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QASymphony have formed a strategic partnership that combines best-in-class test automation and agile test case management.  We recently had a webinar to showcase this partnership featuring TestPlant’s CTO Antony Edwards and QASymphony’s VP of Strategy and Business Development Kevin Dunne

In this webinar, Antony and Kevin discussed TestPlant’s unique image based approach to automation, the importance of a “single source of truth” for testing and  much more.

Use this link to watch the on-demand webinar

You can also view the slides below

Lots of great content was covered during the webinar.  Here are a few key takeaways:

What is TestPlant?

TestPlant provides a unique image based approach to test automation through their eggPlant Range automation tools.  Whether you are testing on mobile, desktop, POS, or kitchen screen applications, TestPlant’s automation tools have your team covered.

Here are some high level benefits of using eggPlant Range:

  • Easy-to-use; fast time-to-value, low technical skills required
  • Universal; any technology, device, process, environment
  • Innovative; “consistent stream of innovation” – Gartner
  • Complete; a wide range of tools to meet customers’ needs
  • User-centric; for better UX
  • Open;  open APIs and integrated with popular tools

Benefits of qTest + eggPlant

Certainly there are many benefits of combining best-in-class automation and test case management.  Here are just a few benefits Antony and Kevin talked about during the webinar:

  • A single source of the truth for scripted, exploratory, and automated tests, results and traceability
  • Better collaboration between manual and automated testers
  • Real time integration to popular Agile ALM’s like JIRA, Rally, and VersionOne
  • Cross-platform support for automated or manual testing on web, desktop, and mobile

Sample Workflow Using qTest and eggPlant

Kevin Dunne did a demo of the integration between qTest and eggPlant.  Here’s an overview of what he covered:

  1. When new software features are created in JIRA they are pulled into qTest for test coverage
  2. Using qTest eXplorer, testers can validate their JIRA issues by performing exploratory testing
  3. After their test session is complete, testers look for opportunities to automate
  4. Then candidates for automation are then flagged and passed to an automation engineer
  5. Automation engineer can then reference the qTest eXplorer script to create and execute an automation test
  6. Once the manual tests are converted, the testers continue to identify more areas for automation test coverage

You can watch the video demo below.

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