Q&A with Keith Klain and Paul Holland of Doran Jones

Recently we announced a partnership with Doran Jones as the first U.S. reseller of QASymphony products. Doran Jones is a technology consultancy based in New York City, servicing several tier-one banks, hedge funds and other global financial institutions. We sat down with its COO Keith Klain, charged with running the firm’s testing practice, and Paul Holland, one of the foremost experts on Rapid Software Testing.

Q&A with Keith Klain and Paul Holland of Doran Jones

 How would you describe your mission at Doran Jones? 

Keith Klain:  Doran Jones has been around since 2010.  We focus on the skill and quality gap in the software development world for companies wanting more value out of their testing or engineering teams. As well, we work with clients on how to get better at testing; not just functional regression testing or traditional lifecycle, but testing in general, whether that’s at the unit or system integration level.

What is about QASymphony or specifically qTest that you find most impressive? 

Paul Holland:  As a company, QASymphony is very responsive to feedback and suggestions. Their willingness to listen to the testing community is impressive. They don’t just create a product and expect the community to embrace it. They actively seek feedback and react to it.

Keith Klain: When I first started working with QASymphony when I was running the Global Test Center at Barclays, I was struck by how open Josh and Vu were with our team in partnering with us. They worked with my team extensively on designing features, taking feedback, and beta testing as well. As a client, I haven’t seen that level of engagement in the testing tool industry in a long time. 

Paul Holland:  I must admit that when I first played with qTest, I found it lacking in functionality and in customizability. I approached Vu and Josh with my concerns, and three months later, to their credit, 80% of the issues I had with qTest had been addressed. I was very impressed by the improvements and the speed at which they were made.

Is there a particular feature set in qTest that stands out for you?  

Paul Holland:  qTest is very configurable which means it can be setup to be effective in any environment. We work with a non-profit organization called Per Scholas which trains disadvantaged and long-term unemployed people in IT skills, including a program to become software testers. Through the Software Testing Education Program, we’re training novices with no prior experience, students who are unfamiliar with any bug tracking system. With qTest, these students can start filling in bug reports with just a few minutes of instruction. It can be configured to be that easy to learn, and intuitive.

What you do hope to achieve from the partnership in the long-term? 

Keith Klain: One of our objectives at Doran Jones is to change the way people think about and approach software testing. Part of that requires a toolset that is supportive of a more skills-based approach to testing. What I’ve consistently found from working with QASymphony is that they truly listen to the testing community.  They care about the quality of the work.

Paul Holland: What’s important to us is finding partners that share the same motivation and goals, and genuinely support the context-driven testing community. We have no less a goal than to change the software testing world, so working with people to get the best out of the QASymphony toolset is an important aspect of this partnership.

What are your thoughts on the market for the partnership? 

Paul Holland: Our methodology is without borders because we don’t use a single approach to testing even within a particular industry. The Context-Driven approach to testing means that the proposed strategy and approach will depend upon the specific context of that customer and their project.

Keith Klain: Exactly, we’re industry agnostic, so our testing practices are not limited to any particular industry. And because we don’t have a particular bias towards any one industry, the world’s our oyster!

Paul Holland: Whatever customized approach we use for any given project, whether in the same market or not, will likely be different to what we have previously proposed. This comes back to the customizability of the QASymphony tools, since they can be modified to fit the approach that we have suggested. 

Keith Klain: What we want are clients happy with the value we’re delivering. Our entire approach to software testing is about protecting and delivering value to clients.  We’re working together as a team with QASymphony towards improving the software testing community.

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