Introducing: Actionable, Real-Time QA Metrics with qTest Insights 2.0

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Today we are excited to introduce you to qTest Insights 2.0, a complete reinvention of qTest reporting that provides you with actionable, real-time QA metrics.

Click here to read the qTest Insights 2.0 press release.

Before I share the details behind our new launch I’m going to walk you through one of my all-time favorite movies — and I’m sure I’m dating myself —  Contact starring Jodie Foster.  It’s a movie about an intelligent alien race making first contact with humans on Earth.

Contact Movie

One of the great parts of the movie involves a signal that the aliens send to Earth.  At first it just sounds like a very simple pattern of repeated sounds transmitted as a radio signal.  But then the scientists realize the signal includes another layer of data, which turns out to be a video.  And then they realize that within that there is even another layer of data, which turns out to be a three-dimensional diagram to build a wormhole space-travel machine unlike anything known on Earth.  And so Jodie Foster, representing the entire human race, ends up meeting an alien.

The message investigation and discovery scenes are one of my favorite parts in the movie, and they are a great analogy for data mining, the term we use for finding nuggets of useful information within piles of data.  Sometimes we also refer to this process as finding the signal in the noise.

Almost every single testing and software engineering leader I talk to wishes they had more and better information at their fingertips to really help them and their teams.  The problem isn’t a lack of data:  there is copious information within agile tracking systems, test management systems, defect management systems, version control systems, build systems, automated test systems, customer support systems, and more.  But there is no good system to harvest all the data, help tie it together, and then provide the analytics, reports, and views that will help software development and testing teams find those nuggets, find that signal in the noise.  As in the movie Contact, that signal could be the breakthrough for a better future, where the team can utilize the data to increase efficiency and accuracy while reducing risk.

Actionable, Real-Time QA Metrics with qTest Insights 2.0

This week at QASymphony we have delivered a major new component in the qTest product suite as part of our vision to help our customers achieve this goal.  With the launch of qTest Insights 2.0 we now provide the ability to get advanced reports and analytics with information from agile planning, defect tracking, and all types of testing — manual, automated, exploratory.  Insights 2.0 combines this data into curated dashboards for quality, coverage, and productivity, as well as the ability to implement custom dashboards and custom reports.  You can use it for cross-project and cross-team analysis, or zero in on individual projects and releases.  Many of the key analytics are based on those used at the leading agile testing organizations we work with, and it even includes the ability to forecast completion dates and undiscovered defect counts based on recent individual test result data and trends.text-callout-insights2-0-880x4442x

As always we will continue to work with our customers to evolve qTest Insights and its reporting and analytics, and you can expect even further data integrations.  In the meantime, we hope all our customers will benefit and that “contact” with qTest Insights will take them one giant leap forward into a better future.

Join us on Oct 3 at 2pm for a webinar on qTest Insights 2.0– “Software Testing Metrics with qTest Insights” – SAVE YOUR SEAT

See in-depth videos about qTest Insights 2.0 in our training library – VISIT THE VIDEO TRAINING LIBRARY.

If you are interested in checking out Insights 2.0 you can access it in our 14 day free trial — REQUEST A FREE TRIAL

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