qTest 8.1 Release: Protractor and Selenium Test Automation with qTest Explorer

Scaling test automation can be difficult for software testing teams and the need to automate regression testing becomes critical as your applications grow in size.

Which is why we are very excited to announce our latest release, qtest 8.1.

The qTest 8.1 Release Brings:

  • NEW modernized look (UI) to qTest Sessions (our central repository for all test sessions in qTest eXplorer)
  • NEW automated script generator that allows testers to easily turn a recorded session into a Selenium or Protractor test automation script that is ready for execution

Join us for a webinar on November 2nd at 2:00pm ET to learn about the new qTest Sessions UI and automated script creation feature – Save Your Spot

Below, I will walk you through a breakdown of each of the new features.

New qTest Sessions UI with Web Automation Support 

Once you have finished recording a web test session with qTest eXplorer, the test session will be consolidated into qTest Sessions.  From there, testers can choose to analyze and edit their scripts (depending on which automation plugin they select).  In this initial release, we will have out of the box support for Protractor, Java Selenium, and C# Selenium plugins with focus on additional plugin support in later releases.

If you are new to automation, or would like to read more technical specifications about this feature, please see this user guide located on support.qasymphony.com.


Besides the ability to generate an automated script, qTest Sessions comes with new UI/UX features that will allow for tracking planned vs actual test sessions.  The overall user experience has been enhanced around filtering, sorting, exporting and creating test sessions.

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Test Run Parameters – Coming Soon

This month we launched a new BETA program for Test Run Parameterization that we coming out in future release.  With test run parameters and data sets, testers will be able to store, and execute test step data in one central location. For those needing to rerun the same test, but with different sets of data, this feature will be huge time saver for test planning and execution.

Join us for the webinar November 2nd at 2pm to get a sneak peek at this upcoming feature Save Your Spot.  


We have a limited amount of users to test in the BETA program, so please reach out to customersuccess@qasymphony.com if you would like to learn more.

Enhanced Approval Workflow

Testers need to be informed when other testers are working on test cases that are scheduled for execution.  Our new notification pop-up allows testers to be informed of all current, approved and latest unapproved test case versions before they proceed with their execution.


Looking for more great webinars on software testing?  Check out all of QASymphony’s upcoming and on-demand webinars here.

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