"Isn’t the software testing market already mature and saturated?"

We have this rock star marketing executive on our team who is helping us determine how to spread the word far and wide about QASymphony.  She recently asked one of her former colleagues who ran SaaS for one of the largest software companies in the world to meet with us.  His response was “Isn’t the software testing market already mature and saturated – I’m not sure I’m interested” – her response was “We don’t think so, do me a favor and hear Josh and Vu out.  Hear what they have to say.” After a little arm twisting, he kindly agreed.  We are set to meet with him the week of August 3 for breakfast.

We are excited to educate him on the quality assurance management tools space.  There is a lot of fun and exciting innovation happening with many enterprise software companies. “The enterprise help desk software market was mature and satured.”  Remedy is the 800 pound gorilla in the space and has been for many years.  But, look at what ZenDesk is doing in that arena – take the market by storm – total disruption!  The quality assurance and testing tools market has generally been ignored for some reason, it’s stale, old and tired.  While there has been some innovation and interesting things happening in the test automation side of the world, what about manual testing and overall test management?  This market needs a fresh and new solution – it needs its own ZenDesk.

We are confident we can show him what we have built and our vision for the future of the QA tool market and he’ll find it very compelling.  We are excited to get his expertise on building a successful large enterprise SaaS business, and incorporate his expertise into how we build a great company.

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