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polychrome testing

We enjoyed having Julian Harty join us for a recent webinar about Polychrome testing – ideas and practices to help improve how we test software using 6 thinking hats. In 2008 Julian gave a popular keynote titled ‘Six Thinking Hats’ at the StarWest Conference, detailing ways testers could usefully improve their testing practices by applying various concepts and ideas to how they work. Eight years on, these have remained useful and valuable for many people involved in software testing. In this recent webinar, Julian revisited many of the original ideas, and augment them with additional materials from various sources with a particular focus on working effectively with emotions.

Use this link to watch the on-demand webinar

You can also view the slides below

There were 6  techniques discussed in the webinar that work to significantly improve how you communicate and how you test software in future. Here’s a quick look at Julians ‘6 Thinking Hats’, but be sure to watch or listen to the on-demand webinar – download it here.

  1. The Blue Hat – blue sky thinking
    • Helps to provide an overview
    • Thinking about our thinking
    • Controls the use of the other hats
    • Gathers the outcome at the end
    • Set out the next steps
  2. The White hate – information and facts
    • Neutral
    • Report what we find, as we find it
    • Ask questions to establish facts
      • What information do we have?
      • What information do we need?
      • What’s missing?
      • Qualify ‘facts’: are they opinions?
  3. The Yellow Hat – sunshine and 0ptimism
    • Seeking the best possible outcome
    • Positive
    • Looking for benefits
  4. The Red Hat – passion and feelings
    • A safe environment to vent feelings
    • Negative Positive Includes:
      • Hunches and intuitions
      • No need to justify your contributions
  5. The Black Hat – represents DARKNESS
    • Helps us to be cautious
    • Look for what could go wrong and for what might be wrong
    • Taps into our fears
    • Not the same as being negative…
    • Particularly useful for software testing
  6. The Green Hat -Creativity
    • Seek new ideas, alternatives
    • Brainstorming
    • Use ‘po’ – provocative thinking
    • Helps escape from ruts

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