Make Your Agile Transformation Successful [Webinar]

Agile Transformation

Last week I hosted a webinar, Agile Transformation: People, Process and Tools to Make Your Transformation Successful, with Andrew Stickland, Head of Client Services for Clearvision. With over 25 years of experience in IT, Andrew is a specialist in agile transformation and tool adoption. Working with the likes of HSBC, Thales and Proctor & Gamble.

Our candid discussion focused on the challenges that come with transitioning to agile testing, and how you can overcome these challenges by putting the right people, process and tools in place.

Watch the free on-demand webinar here 

Here are some of the most compelling theories, statistics, and tips discussed in the webinar:

  • “Going Agile without delivery is pointless”
  • To have a successful agile transformation you need to have organization wide impact
  • When testing cannot match the speed of Agile planning and development, it becomes a risk where all features may not be tested
  • There is a myth that automating every test is the way to make the testing process more efficient, and therefore more agile.  But this is NOT the case for most organizations.
  • “Testing with test cases vs. exploratory testing takes almost 7 times longer, due to the amount of time needed to write the tests and report on them”. (Test Faster)

View the Agile Transformation Slides Below:

Listen to the full webinar to learn more about how to ensure your agile transformation is successful.  And check out our other on-demand webinars in our Resource Library.

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