New Release! New UI for Test Execution Module

We just can’t stop making enhancements to our qTest Platform UI.  Earlier this month, we rolled out a new UI for qTest Insights that gave our users better usability and improved performance. Today’s release is our first step to make over qTest Manager by overhauling the test execution module.  Inspired by our customer’s feedback, this new UI super-charges your test execution experience through a simpler, cleaner interface.  

This is the first major phase of the enhanced UI for qTest Manager as a whole, so make sure you check back often for new looks in subsequent releases. Check out the video and GIFs below on how to take advantage of all the new enhancements we made for you.


Modern Look, Flexible Customization

The first thing you will notice is the new modern look and feel for the test run grid.  However, a new look isn’t all we have added.  The new UI comes with a ton of new productivity improvements including custom column selection, resizing column widths, organizing field layouts and more.

Customize Columns

Each user can have a custom view of the test run grid by selecting the column gear icon.  Whether you are on the release, test cycle, or test suite, you can now customize each view to manage the tests you care about. Since this new test run grid is now accessible at all levels, it means you can have different column views depending on which artifact you select.

Reorganize and Sort Columns

You can now easily reorganize your columns and resize their widths to get the exact view you want.   And, any changes you make will be instantly saved for your next login.

Organize Test Execution Columns

By simply clicking on the column name, you can dynamically sort how the test runs display in the grid. For example, I can quickly toggle to arrange the test run status or order my test runs by priority.

Sorting and Grouping Test Runs

Reporting and Exporting Enhancements

One goal of the enhanced UI was to deliver both high-level summary and actionable details across releases, cycles, and test suites.  With the new execution health graph, you can instantly see testing progress and export data as quickly as possible.  These graphs can be seen at each level in test execution.

You can now export any customized view from the test run grid.  For example, I can export a requirements traceability report in no time with the new export feature.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Prior to this release, qTest Manager allowed projects to have up to 20 custom fields per artifact.  For example, this meant you could only add 20 custom fields to their test case or test run properties.   We realized teams some times need more data, so we said “good-bye” to this unnecessary restriction and now allow you to add as many fields as you want!

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on this release.  For more qTest Manager videos, visit our video training center and get support at

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