New Release – Enhancements to qTest Insights

I’m excited to talk to you about the latest release of qTest Insights that has a new UI you are going to love!  Check out the video below where you can see the following new features:

  • New UI for better usability and performance improvements
  • New global filter with the option to view and filter by test cycle hierarchy or module hierarchy
  • New data available from qTest Explorer | Sessions:
    • Coverage Analysis: Shows session count and total time when a test run is linked to a requirement
    • Velocity Analysis: Shows session count by tester and the total time of Explorer sessions by tester
    • Explore Data Reports:  New reports include screens and sessions
    • Sessions Reports: New sessions reports available for the dashboards

Better Usability

In recent releases, we’ve added a common header that allows you to easily access all qTest products without losing your work as you move from one product to another.  We also added a new parameters module to drive data into your test cases, updated the sessions module enabling better navigation for all test sessions recorded with qTest Explorer and added a new continuous testing solution with qTest Pulse

With the new qTest Insights UI, we now deliver a more consistent, user-friendly experience that invites our users to dive deeper into their test analytics.  You can see some examples in the GIFs below.

Improved Filtering and Performance

With our improved filtering capabilities, you will notice faster performance for getting to the data you need.  A sub-navigation was added to better view all connected test cycles that are organized in qTest Manager.  This new UI also allows you to instantly copy a report and share it to team collaboration software like Atlassian’s Confluence.

It’s now easier to share and manage any saved reports though our new list view.

Attention: After this release, the custom reports you added to show in the navigation will not be shown. You will need to re-add them to the navigation. To do so, go to “Saved Reports” and click on “Manage.”  Then click the checkbox in the “Show In Menu” column.

qTest Explorer | Sessions Data Now Available

The new UI isn’t all we added in this latest release.  We listened to your requests for more reporting around your qTest Explorer test sessions and we now give you a way to generate reports with qTest Insights.  This brings together some of the most powerful session-based and exploratory test reporting on the market.

  • Coverage Analysis: shows session count and total time when a test run is linked to a requirement
  • Velocity Analysis: shows session count by tester and the total time of Explorer sessions by tester
  • Two new explore data reports including screens and sessions
  • New sessions reports available for the dashboards

From each data grid view, you can filter and sort to see all test session details including the actual time spent executing, linked defects, assignee, screens tested, and more.

Coming Soon – Mobile Reporting

We are actively working on mobile reporting for qTest Insights.  We will have that ready in a future release.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on this release.  For more qTest Insights videos, visit our video training center and get support at

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