New Partnership: BHP Global + QASymphony

BHP GlobalQASymphony is excited to announce our newest partnership with BHP-Global.

BHP-Global is a certified Atlassian Solution and Training Partner headquartered in San Juan, Argentina with regional offices in Córdoba and Buenos Aires. Additional BHP-Global offices are located in Mexico City, Mexico and Bogotá, Columbia.

The new partnership allows QASymphony to support BHP Global’s customers looking for enterprise testing capabilities to complement their Atlassian JIRA efforts. Combined with JIRA, the qTest platform brings about the most robust testing solution for QA teams. QASymphony works with 400+ large enterprises in 25+ countries worldwide with a growing presence in the South American region.

BHP is a highly specialized company that supports high-performance teams, empowering them to deliver the best results in DevOps environments in more than 60 enterprise customers and 10 countries in Latin America. In 2016, BHP-Global won Atlassian’s Emerging Markets Award amongst the Solution Partner program. Many of BHP’s services focus on the installation customization, and configuration of Atlassian products, while also offering training available in Spanish at

You can learn more about BHP-Global.

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