My Summer at QASymphony

In the blink of an eye, the last day of school has rolled back around to the first day of another school year, and the journey of my internship is quickly coming to a close. These five weeks have been one of the most interesting and different experiences in my life, and I’ve learned a lot from this unforgettable opportunity. Working at QASymphony has exacted a sense of responsibility, a degree of initiative, and a level of maturity no amount of schooling could have ever beaten out of me.

As soon as I got on board, Jeff (my mentor) outlined my tasks for the following five weeks. That’s it. No tests, no pop-quizzes to ensure I’m making adequate progress, but simply an implicit trust in this fresh-out-of-high-school girl that she’ll figure out what she’s doing eventually, with proper guidance. By sitting in on the various meetings, I slowly grasped some of the technical aspects behind the process of marketing. I can proudly say the jargon no longer scares me quite as much as it used to, and by working with QASymphony, I opened my mind to many aspects of our daily life that I originally took for granted. I had no prior knowledge of how or why software worked coming in as an intern. I’ve learned, however, that websites we visit as we sit in front of a screen for days on end, all have specific processes that establish them and verify that they work properly. And even from the marketing side, there are so many different tools and software that help track and nurture potential and current leads with targeted online ads and other methods. The friendly, approachable, professional environment makes it so easy for me to be inspired to take responsibility, seek knowledge, and work hard for our company.

I cannot stress enough how much the company culture continues to impress me, and how easy it is to both make a friend and ask for help. The accessible atmosphere makes me feel at home, and even with my much younger age, I don’t feel out of place at all. My coworkers treat me as they treat each other: with respect and open ears. I’ve discovered a newfound confidence in talking to people older than me, observing and practicing interpersonal exchanges at our office. I was even given the honor of calling together a meeting! I am comfortable asking for help and happy to give assistance, taking on new tasks and running countless odd errands― Michael’s, the Apple Store, the post office… This internship has really asked me to engage both the creative and the analytical sides of my brain.

When Georgia Tech kicks off in the fall, I know I have a new, invaluable skill set that I can bring from this internship. I have a clearer idea of my career interests, and I am better disciplined for the free-reign that is college. I am prepared for the awful traffic in downtown Atlanta, and I can approach my professors confidently with questions about my school work. QASymphony has given all that to me, and I know that if I ever miss my home away from home, a quick car ride will yield me the same kind, smiling faces I’ve seen every day.

Rachel Zhu just began her freshman year at Georgia Tech University. When she’s not in class, she enjoys playing flute, hanging with friends, and playing tennis. Contact her at

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