Modern Software Testing: Thinking Beyond HPQC ALM

hpqc alm webinar

We had a large crowd and dozens of great questions from our recent webinar titled “Modern Software Testing: Thinking Beyond Quality Center“. Kevin Dunne, VP of Strategy and Business Development at QASymphony spent some time talking about the widespread agile adoption trend, how HPWC ALM is quickly falling out of favor with today’s savvier testers and why customers need to consider making the switch off of HPQC. Check out the on-demand version below and see some of the questions that were not answered on the webinar. 

Use this link to watch the on-demand webinar

View the slides below:

What do you recommend for companies with both agile and non-agile teams? The non-agile teams are perfectly happy in QC; the agile teams would love better JIRA integration.

In our experience, many teams choose qTest not just for Agile capabilities, but also for other benefits such as ease of use, lower cost of ownership, and reduced maintenance cost.  Given these benefits apply to both waterfall and agile teams, we see moving onto a modernized tool set as a net benefit to all members of the organization.  As we discussed on the webinar, HP QC may be able to meet the waterfall teams’ demands but would be severely impacting the efficiency of the Agile teams.

Any new “big ” feature changes coming to qTest?

The product enhancement we are most excited by this quarter is the release of qTest Insights.  qTest Insights will be a cross platform, self service analytics tool that will collect data from qTest as well as JIRA, Rally, VersionOne, Seleinum, TestPlant, and other tools qTest is integrated to.  This will be unlike anything that has been seen on the market to date.

What is the cost comparison difference between HP and Qtest (may be in %) for similar count of licenses…?

When comparing just the cost of a license of qTest to a license of HP, our licenses are about 1/3rd of the cost of HP’s.  When looking at other costs like support, installation, migration, etc. , we are even more cost effective than HP, as all of these items are included in our subscription but typically cost extra for HP customers.  We also do not differentiate between global and site licenses, all of our licenses are global.  We often see teams using HP undergo M&A or start using offshore resources and get forced into upgrading from site to global licenses, which can often double the annual contract value.

If you are using qTest currently but want migrate the defect tracking to JIRA while maintaining qTest as your test tracking and repository, how hard is the qTest to JIRA migration?

JIRA has an import utility for bringing in the defects, making this process quite easy:!jira-hp-quality-center  .  With our migration tool, you can import the rest of the test cases, results, and linkages, making for a holistic migration strategy.

Does qTest currently support IE edge or can it support in future?

qTest does run in IE edge currently, but as it is a relatively new and evolving browser, we have not done the testing to officially support it.  However, have yet to find any features that do not work in qTest on IE edge.

Are there any plans to integrate QTP and Loadrunner results (etc) into qTest?

We currently do offer a UFT (formerly QTP) integration to bring results into qTest.  We are evaluating performance and load tool integrations, we have heard requests for Loadrunner as well as some modern load testing tools like Neotys and Blazemeter.

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