Video: Sauce Labs’ Clint Sprauve Shares Strategies for Addressing Mobile Testing Challenges

We recently sat down with Clint Sprauve, Director of Product Marketing at Sauce Labs, to get his take on today’s top mobile testing challenges, from maintaining a device lab for cross-platform testing to getting started with automation. Check out the video below to hear his top tips for developing a smart mobile testing strategy.

For a more detailed rundown, watch our webinar on demand, “Simplifying Your Mobile Testing Strategy,” in which Sprauve shares tips for building an industry-leading mobile testing strategy that can integrate with existing DevOps practices and covers the top mobile test automation frameworks in use today.

In-house device labs are great for QA teams, because they allow testers to see how an app will function across devices. But they can become a maintenance nightmare, Sprauve says, especially for software testing teams that are not used to having to maintain hardware. A favorite joke of mine applies here:

Q: How many software testers does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: None. That’s a hardware issue!

The same can be said for maintaining multiple devices in a lab for cross-platform testing — Sprauve says he hears from a lot of testers who are fed up with having to maintain hardware. That’s where tools for cross-platform testing can be a valuable supplement to a device lab.

Sprauve recommends a combination of real devices and emulators and simulators. By using emulators and simulators early in the software development lifecycle, testers can build automated tests to test functionality that is not directly dependent on the device. This approach can go a long way toward streamlining mobile testing in a DevOps environment, Sprauve says. To hear more of his thoughts, check out the video above.

For a more detailed rundown of how to address mobile testing challenges, watch the recording of our recent webinar with Clint Sprauve, “Simplifying Your Mobile Testing Strategy.”

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