How to Migrate from HP Quality Center to qTest

migrate hp quality center

Moving data from a legacy test case management system to a modern system can be a lot of work.

QASymphony makes it easier than ever to bring your data on HP Quality Center over to QASymphony qTest through our migration services.   However, before I get into the details of how this service works, I’d to like walk through some reasons you should switch from Quality Center to qTest and why NOT to migrate all artifacts.

Wait, what?  Believe it or not, there are reasons to not migrate all that test data you are worrying about.


  1. Agile Adoption Needs Agile Tools
  2. Customer Success is #1
  3. Ease of Use
  4. On-boarding Existing and New Team Members
  5. Commitment to Innovation

Dive deeper into these 5 reasons in this blog post: Top 5 Reasons HP Quality Center Users Switch to qTest


1) Your Junk, is Not Your Treasure

It’s important to acknowledge that not all the data you collect remains good data to transfer.  Thousands of test cases that have never found a defect and always pass, could point to low value regression suite.  Five year old projects with complex traceability reporting no longer need to be maintained for audit coverage.

One of our large customers in the logistics industry decided all together not to migrate any of their test case data.  Their analysis showed that there was too uncertainty with the accuracy of their existing test cases.  Therefore, they decided to leverage qTest eXplorer’s documentation abilities to design and create test cases for re use.

[See Creating Test Case with qTest eXplorer]

2) New Tools, Prompt New Data Outlooks

When moving off of HP Quality Center, your organization probably already purchased or looked into other ALMs for roadmap, requirement and defect management.  Most companies I talk to use JIRA, VersionOne or CA Agile Central (formerly Rally).  This forces a new outlook on what data is important to keep, and what needs to be ignored.

If you are using JIRA to create User Stories, migrating all your HP requirements may not be necessary.  If you are logging defects in VersionOne, then the links between your current HP test cases and defects wouldn’t be useful in test case management tool.


QASymphony provides a unique service that migrates your data from Quality Center directly into qTest. We’re compatible with Quality Center and HP ALM versions 10, 11, and 12 and can help migrate from instances on your servers or in the cloud.

Here is a simplified rundown of how the migration service will work.

  • Perform a migration consultation on what and how best to migrate
  • Export a Quality Center project out of the system with a HP native file format (.qcp)
  • Our team will then download and run our Quality Center migration tool
  • After the tool runs, we will load the .qcp file into our proprietary importation wizard
  • The wizard will decode the .qcp file, create custom fields and values, and import your requirements, test cases and defects
  • Lastly, we will Repeat this same process with the next project, if applicable

[See Migration Benefits with QASymphony]


  • Release & Build to Test Plan
  • Req’s (including custom fields + attachments)
  • TC’s (including custom fields + attachments)
  • Req to TC linkages
  • Test Labs + Results
  • Defects (including custom fields + attachments)
  • Users assigned to each project

Request a free migration consultation and to learn more about how to ditch your legacy software.

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