Micro Focus’ New Strategic Vision Reconfirms Quality Center Customer Fears

Last week, September 1, 2017, HPE and Micro Focus completed their spin-merge of HP ALM Software, including HP Quality Center.  With the transaction complete, Micro Focus announced their new “Strategy and Business Model”, outlining their four-year strategic vision.  

Here is our take on their new strategy.

Their main focus for 2018 and 2019 is to step back and rationalize the organization and then stabilize the top line revenue.  This investors-first, customers-second approach means that instead of investing in building a better product for their customers, they plan to focus on bottom line growth for investors by cutting costs.

Micro Focus is betting that their customers will hold on and accept this profit-focused approach.  Given the challenges in the market, we are having a hard time believing this “strategy” will help their customers win.  And we think  HP/Micro Focus customers deserve better.

Before we dive into what HP/Micro Focus customers deserve let’s look at Micro Focus’ 4-year plan.

Micro Focus’ 4 Year Strategic Plan – Rationalize and Stabilize

micro focus 4 year plan - rationalize and stablize

(screenshot from Micro Focus’ Strategy and Business Model launched in September 2017)

This rationalize and stabilize period (2018-2019) typically includes eliminating R&D and reducing headcount. According to an article in the Financial Times, Micro Focus’ executive chairman “Mr. Loosemore says he ‘has a plan’ to cut staff, but is still in discussions with unions in some countries.”  

Micro Focus appears to be driven by short term profits for their investors, leading the organization to cut costs, slow down development, and launch fewer products.

We don’t see any mention of product growth until 2019 and 2020.

“We (QASymphony) plan to invest and expand, rather than rationalize and stabilize.” – Dave Keil, CEO, QASymphony

We have seen the collapse of HP ALM Software coming for a while now.

In July 2016 Kevin Dunne, Senior Vice President, Global Channels at QASymphony, discussed the rumors about the sale of HPE software during the webinar “Modern Software Testing: Thinking Beyond Quality Center”. And in September 2016 Ryan Yackel, Director of Product Marketing at QASymphony, responded to the initial spin-merge announcement with a blog post, “Why the HPE New “Spin-Merge” with Micro Focus Spells Trouble For HP Quality Center/ALM Customers

If you haven’t been listening, I hope you are now.  Things are only going to get worse for HP Software customers.

QASymphony’s Strategic Plan – Invest and Expand

At QASymphony, we think HP/Micro Focus customers deserve better.

“With our Invest and Expand Strategy, QASymphony will continue to be the champion for all testers and will become the clear market leader for Enterprise testing.” – Dave Keil, CEO, QASymphony

QASymphony is taking a customer-centric approach, by significantly investing in the future or our products and our customers. Looking for proof? Here are a few of the ways we are investing, and positioning ourselves as the champion for all testers.

HP QC/ALM Customers, It Is Time to Make a Change. Consider Partnering with QASymphony

If you have been on HP Quality Center/ALM for a long time, the prospect of changing can be scary.   You have a lot invested in the HP software stack.  Your team most likely went through lengthy training sessions and implemented tricky workarounds to “integrate” HP alongside your SDLC toolset.

If you are moving to an Agile or DevOps approach to test faster, HP software is probably not going to be the right partner.  

At QASymphony, we continue to invest heavily in our products and create new, innovative solutions that our customers love.  Many enterprise companies that were previously reliant on HP software have already recognized that HP is a sinking ship and successfully made the switch to QASymphony.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about it:

“We were able to quickly migrate all our test cases from HP Quality Center to qTest and get the team up-and-running in just a few weeks.  The implementation process was excellent.

–Radka Iordanova, Director of E-Commerce at Office Depot

We can help you make a quick and effective transition off the HP tools.  Request a demo today and learn how you can move away from HP and on to modern testing tools.

If you want to read more about HP Quality Center, I’ve compiled a list of our resources below.

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