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At QASymphony, we believe in giving back. Giving back to our people, to the community, to our customers.  In fact, “Give Back” is one of our core values.  That’s why I’m very happy to announce that QASymphony will join leading technology companies like Atlassian, SalesForce and Rally, taking the 1% Pledge. Click here to read the press release.

Atlanta Food Bank
The QASymphony team working at the Atlanta Food Bank

This is a corporate philanthropy movement dedicated to making the community a key stakeholder in every business.  QASymphony is joining an impressive network of entrepreneurs and companies across the globe that have committed to philanthropic efforts through the Pledge 1% movement.  By pledging 1% of its employee time and product, we are demonstrating our commitment to philanthropic leadership.

Since we started the company in 2011, we have been very focused on giving back to the community. We learned about the 1% Pledge from our partners at Atlassian. We see this program as a great way to increase our commitment and join a community of leading technology companies actively working to make the world a better place.
Here’s what Atlassian Founder and CEO Scott Farquhar had to say about our participation in Pledge 1%:

Scott Farquhar Atlassian“We are thrilled that QASymphony has joined the Pledge 1% movement and is committed to sharing its success with the community. Employees, shareholders, customers, and the community all benefit when a company builds giving back into its DNA. It’s one of the best decisions we ever made.”

I am very excited that QASymphony is a part of the Pledge 1% movement.  We look forward to continue giving back to our community.  I encourage every company to learn more about Pledge 1% and consider joining to help make the world a better place.

You can visit the Pledge 1% website to get more information.

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