Is Your Test Case Management Solution Truly Agile?

If you’ve adopted agile, you know how difficult and frustrating it can be to work with tools that don’t align with the methodology. Tools that are cumbersome and rigid in the development and update cycle can be a major pain-point in even the most effective agile teams. Agile companies need truly agile solutions in order to function in a healthy way.

Test case management tools are a great example of a solution that must be truly agile in order to support an effective agile team.

And yet, there are many test case management tools that claim to be agile – but how agile are they? One of my favorite ways to try to determine the agility of company is by looking to see how often they release updates to their software. Here at QASymphony, we are constantly improving our testing tools and releasing updates, which you can see pretty clearly on our blog – just look for our release notes. (And stay tuned for yet another release coming out in the next few weeks!)

Constant updates, iterations, and releases are one of the core values of agile and one that every tester should look for in a test case management solution. Which leads me to another important function of agile test case management tools – cloud adoption. Solutions that are directly connected to the cloud are naturally drastically more agile than those that are OnPremise. Getting new features and new updates happens much faster when you’re connected to the cloud.

qTest, our test case management solution, can be implemented OnDemand (cloud) or OnPremise, though we strongly encourage our users toward the cloud if they are able to move in that direction. In addition, qTest eXplorer automatically stores recorded sessions in the qTest Cloud with direct links into JIRA, or the ALM server of your choice, making it a highly agile testing solution.

So as you consider test case management solutions and other tools for your agile team, make sure you can see regular updates and strong evidence of cloud adoption coming from the company behind the tool. Don’t let your agile team be held back by the wrong solution.

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