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About six months ago at our Quality Jam ’16 conference in Atlanta, QASymphony announced that we formed a new division in our company called QASymphony Labs. The Labs team is dedicated to investigating new promising technologies for software testing, with the hopes that some of these technologies will make their way into products that benefit testers. Our Labs team works closely with customers and partners in developing these new technologies with a goal to determine if and how they can help.

Already we have seen initial success from our Labs effort. The first project to graduate from the Labs was our new Automated Script Generator which we recently released. This new capability allows users to generate Selenium or Protractor or other automated test scripts from Sessions recorded with our eXplorer product. With eXplorer and the Automated Script Generator users can move from manual to automated tests more quickly and easily, which also means that testers can better keep up with application changes.

Today we are excited to launch this new Tech Blog on Medium as a place we can share learning and ideas from the projects and technologies in the Labs.

Some of the areas we are currently working in the Labs include:

  • More work on automated script generation, including how to automatically record and add dynamic data parameters to the generated automated tests
  • Expanding our early work on TDD/BDD in our Scenario product and working with promising new technology like Gauge from Thoughtworks(the creators of Selenium)
  • Identifying and developing new solutions for DevOps and Continuous Testing with a goal to more tightly integrate all aspects of testing into a Continuous Deployment pipeline
  • Finding ways to leverage containerization technologies such as Docker to solve problems related to the creation and management of test data and test environments

Look for more details about these and other projects on the QASymphony Labs Blog in the future.

To loosely paraphrase James T. Kirk, our mission at the Labs is to explore new technologies and to boldly go where few testers have gone before. We look forward to taking the journey together.

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