Introducing the Essential Guide to Improving Software Quality with Data [New E-book]

Since our launch of  Insights 2.0 in Fall 2016 we have received a lot of questions from our community around best practices and strategies for getting the most out of their testing metrics (Insights 2.0 gives testing teams a self-service business intelligence tool to consolidate, manage and analyze test metrics).  In order to give these questions the answer, or better yet guide, they need we created a free 14 page guide, the Essential Guide to Improving Software Quality with Data and Analytics to help walk through everything related to QA data and metrics. Including:

  • Breaking Down the Need for Analytics and Visibility in Software Testing
  • Getting Started with Metrics: 3 Steps to Ease the Transition
  • Building Your Reports: Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Metrics
  • Relying on Better Data to Create Better Software

Our hope is that this guide will serve as a place for individuals to look for inspiration, strategy, and best practices for building out a strategy to measure and understand the story in all the data that’s available to them.

In software testing, the need for consolidated, meaningful test metrics has never been greater. As both the pace of development and the cost of delivering poor quality software increase, we need these metrics to help us test smarter, better, and faster.

 Quiz Yourself to Find out If you Should Consider Making a Change in Your Data and Analytics:

  • Does it seem like you spend all your time staring at spreadsheets?
  • Is your data often incorrect or inconsistent because you’re constantly pulling from different sources?
  • Are you unable to answer simple questions related to testing metrics?
  • Is it hard to get any real actionable insight from your reporting?
  • Do you have to spend hours creating custom reports for your executive team?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is YES, you should consider making a change.

Start your journey to becoming an even better software tester by downloading our e-book today.

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